Monday 31 October 2016

🎃 👻 Happy Halloween

 Now, you may be wondering why on earth we would be posting at Halloween but actually there is a good reason. It's pumpkin season and pumpkins are a wonderful food particularly for the bowel. So when you have finished carving all of those pumpkins 🎃, a really good way to use up the flesh is to eat it (we mean the flesh of the pumpkin only, I know it is Halloween and all that but.... ). Pumpkin is a really good addition to soups, stews, pies and risotto, as well as the all American pumpkin pie 🎃.

If you like to try new things in your vegetable repatoire, 🍠 Sweet potato is also worth a try and a good source of  vitamins and nutrients. Plus, pumpkin and sweet potato soup is really delicious and what a glorious colour.

Apple season is here too; the good old apple is another really good source of fibre, amongst its many attributes. So after you have finished your apple bobbing or toffee apple (mind those teeth) don't forget that a good old apple 🍎 really does help keep the doctor away (or at least the bowel team anyway). 

Happy Halloween