Sunday 22 October 2017

Thank you

Well, what a great day was had yesterday at our AGM and Annual Autumn Event, more importantly what a good crowd. Nigh on 140 people attended to hear Mr Paul Mackey, Chairman of the SBCSG, give an overview of the works of the group over the last year and updated attendees on where their monies from donations and fundraising efforts have been spent, including leading technology for surgery such as the air seal machine for complex rectal surgery, training for surgeons to undertake new procedures and technology for the specialist nurses to utilise, as well as funding today's event. This was followed by excellent talks by Dr Daniel Pearl on being a Bowel Cancer Screening Endoscopist and what they do, as well as Dr Vikki Morris on Ageing and the secrets of longevity. Two fantastic speakers who certainly gave us food for thought and went down well with attendees. A lively question and answer session for the surgeon, gastroenterologist, geriatrician and specialist nurses was undertaken before lunch was partaken, and the raffle was drawn with many members of the audience carrying off their spoils at the end of the day.

What an enjoyable day it was and once again so lovely to see so many of you at the event. Our plea for assistance on the committee did not fall on deaf ears with a number of people coming forward either as members or to attend the next meeting to see what it is all about. Any charity needs a number of reliable willing hands to assist in maintaining its day to day running, not least this one, so we are very grateful for those people who came forward. We are also grateful for those people who have skills that they wish to offer as a one off to help the group or even people who are just happy to run errands of fill envelopes. New ideas for the group are also helpful and all suggestions will be considered.

As always we are grateful to those of you who donate in the various guises to support our cause, your fundraising and donations is what makes this possible, however big or small. If you have an idea for fundraising and wish to promote it, please let us know and we will blog about it. 

Once again, thank you for your continued support.