Wednesday 2 June 2021

A little “tweet” from one of our colorectal nurses


As you know from the previous post, April was bowel cancer awareness month. As part of this,  the colorectal nursing team ar our local hospital took part in raising awareness via Macmillan South West. You can view one of the team talking about the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer. Now, as it was filmed during the aftermath of Covid and before lockdown had been lifted, this had to be a “home video” if you like. With that, and nerves about getting everything wrong, I don’t think the team did too bad a job, do you? The team chose the best of a few and we are advised that many retakes were made before this one was finally submitted. Who thought filming a 1 minute video would bring even the most experienced people out in a hot sweat.

Go to Macmillan southwest Face book page and look at the feed for 29th April.