Friday, 21 November 2014

By jove, a team ....

Oh my, my, I do believe we have a team. Yes, another intrepid individual has joined the Rocksolid challenge so that we now have an Oncologist amongst our numbers.

It has to be said that this  "idea" came about at the suggestion of one of the colorectal nurses who cajolled two of her friends to join her in this endeavour. Discussing it at work she let it be known that she would be requesting sponsorhip for her endeavours in aid of this charity. It has now begun to roll and we will keep you updated. As in the book by Harriet Beecher-Stowe "it grew'd like Topsy". Seven members of the team thus far and counting.

We have no doubt that training will begin in earnest at some vague point between now and March, although quite how one trains for this sort of challenge is beyond the wit of man; never mind, it is a mixed gender team so they should be fine.

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