Saturday, 15 November 2014

Intrepid Fundraisers, one and all.

Well, what an amazing lot of generous people you all are. Generous in time AND funds, that is. We have had people shaking tins and raising hundreds of pounds, we have benefitted hugely from the great teams at EDF Energy Hinkley Point running for us, a Ben Nevis trek, cake sales, Dog Trials, Shooting Days and more.  For 2015 we already have two intrepid people signed up for a Rocksolid Event in March to test their stamina and endurance at the same time as raising money for us through sponsorship. We love to know about what you have done or are planning and happy to promote or applaud your achievements both here on the blog and in the gallery on our website.

If you are planning to take part in something in aid of us, let us know your details, when, where and what you intend to do and we will happily blog in advance of the event to alert people to what you are doing and encourage sponsorship. There is always the possibility that we will send you a T-shirt for the event if you let us know the official details! Then we will post your achievement photos to show people what you have done.

With this in mind, two of our Colorectal Cancer Nurses are the mad individuals who have signed up for the Rocksolid Event in March 2015, along with two other slightly crazy souls. We will keep you posted on how their training is progressing for this very muddy, gruelling event. If you have never heard of Rocksolid, then take a look at the link below and get an idea of what they will be undertaking for the charity - mad or what!! You will see your Colorectal Nurses as perhaps you have never seen them before -now that is truly dedication to the cause!! Let us hope we continue this mild run of autumn/winter weather for their sakes.

If you would like to sponsor them, please ring 01823 342452. We will post photographs of the event once complete, although we are not too sure if the charity logo on the t-shirts will be visible through the mud at the finish!!!

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